Dr. Carole Hankin on the Importance of Encouraging Children to Try Out a Variety of Activities (Part 1)

As Superintendent of Schools of New York’s Syosset Central School District, Dr. Carole Hankin is closely involved in the Syosset community and writes the bimonthly column “From the Superintendent’s Desk” on educational issues as she sees them.

In one piece, Dr. Hankin examines the effect that too-high expectations can have on children’s growth. She writes that it is natural for children to explore a variety of academic and life interests as they progress through elementary, middle, and high school. They may demonstrate a particular affinity for biology or a love of music or sports, for example. Parents may influence this process through hasty judgments about their children’s abilities.

While parents’ excitement may be natural, Dr. Carole Hankin feels that making premature assessments of the child’s strengths and weaknesses can affect natural self-development. Parents should just enjoy their children.

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